Pigeon Press

“On the streets of every city you will find pigeons and photographers, they 

find, they carry, they take. The pigeon, like the photographer, a highly 

intelligent pest.”

The Pigeon press, a fresh and unconventional photography press created by the Yr

2, London Southbank photography students was  launched at the press’s own pop

up shop on 15/05/2018 at London Southbank Business solutions centre on

London Road.

Photography works, zines and books of the crew  exhibited will still be available to

be bought via online and social media.

The photography press has been created by London Southbank University’s Year 2

photography students and will consist of books personal zines and overlooked

stories from a group of diverse cutting edge photographers who have migrated,

who fly, who dwell.

“We called it the pigeon press for many reasons. We are a group of people that are

from different places around the world, or have travelled freely around the world We

didn’t want a corporate edge. You will find us with the people, in every corner of the

polluted cities, on top of buildings, in all weathers scavenging for our next picture”